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Writing content is not rocket science. But writing content that engages readers and attracts people is another story.

Is your blog or website already filled with excellent writing? Good if it is.

If not, why don’t you get your hands dirty and be ready to create powerful content?

In this article, let’s dive into five powerful content writing tips. And before anything else, let’s discuss the need for these tips.

This way, you’ll know what to do to increase engagement and generate more blog traffic.

5 Powerful Content Writing Tips that Increases Engagement

1. Use humour

Insert humorous statements in your writing to push away boredom. Readers can get bored, and humour is an effective way of interrupting that to grab attention.

Be careful when using humour, though. It’s a sword, alright. But it’s a double-edged sword.

What to remember when using humour:

Establish rapport beforehand – It can be challenging — if not impossible — to get your readers to laugh if they don’t vibe with you. Build your way up to them by being friendly and engaging.

Lighten up – Better yet, take heavy subjects off the table. Humour is subjective, and you shouldn’t risk offending readers.

Be relatable – Share jokes about your daily life. Or it could be about an experience that everybody goes through.

2. Be trendy

Going with the flow is a smart strategy. It improves your writing’s likability.

Here’s what you can do to know the trending topics:

Hang out on social media networks – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are home to millions of daily active users. So, observe their activities and interact with them.

Read news about current affairs – This is a surefire way of staying in the current times. Watch and digest what’s going on.

Assess (and adjust) your methods – Nothing wrong with using old AND time-tested approaches in content writing. But you need to adapt with the times to stay relevant in an ever-evolving age.

3. Create useful content

Humorous and trending content is an example of useful writing. These pieces have a purpose — to make people laugh and talk about topics that the reader can use.

To make this happen for your writing, keep these two things in mind:

-Determine your target audience – Tailor your writing specifically to your target readers.

-Address a problem – Find out more about your target. And discuss a known problem within their group.

4. Pique curiosity

Give readers an obvious reason to check out your content.

Here are ways to do so:

Use numbers – Include numbers at an early point. It hooks your readers and makes them look forward to a definite number of details.

Ask questions – It gives people a role in your content. And it invites them to make room for opinions.

Address controversial subjects – Watch current affairs and note a controversial (but positive) subject. Then insert a line or two about it.

5. Evoke emotions

Tug at your readers’ heartstrings and make them feel. If there are any stronger motivators than emotions, many researchers would want to know about them.

Here are psychological triggers you need to know about:

Promises – People love hearing about good things that are about to come. So promise your readers something exciting — and keep your word.

Instant gratification – People hate waiting, and even just a millisecond of delay increases bounce rate. So use words like “right now” or “immediately”.

Reciprocity – The success of a classic experiment will remind you that the act of giving significantly increases the chances of receiving something in return. So give something away and create information-rich writing.

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To know if your writing is as effective as you want it to be, use A/B testing. Create two almost similar versions of your writing and put each version in front of a test group. Then determine which version had better responses.

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