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If you’re a blogger and wonder if you should have business cards, the answer is yes, especially if you have a long blog name that’s difficult to remember. Handing out business cards to people will help bring them back to your blog whereas, they may have long forgotten your blog’s name from a brief meeting with you. Time to get handing those cards out!

The following business cards are my picks from various retailers.

Business Cards For Any Blogger

Double-Sided Business Cards – These cards are great because you can upload your logo on one side and add all your social networks, web address and a message on the other.


Tech Blogger Business Cards

This card is ideal for tech bloggers and web developers. Images show the front and back of the business card.

Pet Blogger Business Cards

Paw Print Personalised Business Cards – These business cards are perfect for pet bloggers featuring a paw print border. Available in pink, black and blue with logo and socials on the front.

paw print business cards
TheTipsyTurnipShop – Etsy

Food Blogger Business Cards

As well as a food business or restaurant this Kitchen Business Card is ideal for food bloggers too.

avdGRAPH – Etsy

Money Blogger Business Cards

This card is to the point and simply states ‘Money.’ on the front of the card. Just the thing for money bloggers to draw attention to their businesses.

Beauty Blogger Business Cards

This is the perfect premade business card for beauty bloggers. Fully customizable with your business name and tagline.

HappyAgency – Etsy

Instagram Business Card

Gain more Instagram followers by handing out this trendy calling card.

Parenting Blogger Business Cards

This card featuring a mum and her children would make a suitable business card for any parenting blogger as well as for any other child-related business.

Fitness Blogger Business Cards

A black and white business card for health and fitness bloggers who offer personal training and personal fitness information. The front of the card shows a black and white photograph of a woman lifting weights. Add your name, area of business and your contact information.

Sewing and Craft Blogger Business Cards

Perfect for sewing or craft bloggers. You can edit the text on the back to include your user name for Instagram or other social media platforms.

When purchasing these cards, a percentage goes to support the Rocket City Modern Quilt Guild. The guild uses the funds to cover operating expenses and purchase supplies for charity quilts donated to the local St. Jude’s ward.


Vistaprint is another popular place to buy great quality and affordable business cards. They don’t stop at business cards either there’s a large variety of promotional products to help small businesses with their marketing.

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Business card ideas for bloggers.

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