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Once you’ve set up your website, you’re ready to start looking for your first clients. Many new Pinterest virtual assistants don’t know where to look for clients or how to start marketing their new business. If that describes you, don’t panic. Here are a few ways to land your first client…

Finding Your First Clients as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Ask for

The first and most obvious place to look for your first client is for a referral from friends or family. Tell everyone that will listen that you’re a Pinterest VA and you’re looking for work.

Many VAs have started their careers just
from referrals that came from their social circles. Share how you can help
clients and be enthusiastic when describing what you do. Your enthusiasm can
attract clients who are eager to work with you.


Another place to look for clients is on LinkedIn. If you don’t have a profile on this social media network it’s worth setting one up. If you have a profile you haven’t used in a long time, then its time to dust it off.

When it comes to your job title, be sure to use the phrase ‘Pinterest Virtual Assistant’. When potential clients are ready to hire someone and do a search on LinkedIn this is a term they’re likely to use and you’ll be easier to find.

After you’ve set up a LinkedIn profile or
updated your existing one, start connecting with friends and colleagues.
Sometimes, an invitation to connect can remind an old co-worker or friend that
they know someone who needs your services.

Look in
Facebook Groups

Think about the type of clients you want to serve. Maybe you want to help bloggers. If that’s the case, look for Facebook groups where bloggers are gathered and request to join.

Depending on the group’s rules, you may be allowed to share your services in a post. Some groups don’t allow service providers to post about their businesses but they do let members ask for referrals. You can comment and tell other members about the services you offer if they’re looking for a Pinterest VA.

If you’ve completed the *course by Kristin you could join her Facebook support group called The Pinterest Post. There is always a regular supply of leads in this group, however, you can only join if you’ve taken the course.

Check Job Boards

Some virtual assistants have gotten their first clients through various job boards. Typically, job boards work like this: a client posts about the project they need doing on the board.

Then virtual assistants who are members of
the job board can reply to the client, answering questions and sharing why
they’re right for the job. If the poster decides to work with you, then you get
the assignment.

Usually, the job board gets a percentage of your earnings as a fee for letting you use the service. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to pay any money upfront to use the board. In fact, you only pay if you’re successfully matched with a client.

Some Pinterest VAs start off by offering their services on *Fiverr or *Etsy, however, if you start this way you will be competing against other VAs so will need to price your services competitively.

Keep in mind that finding your first clients as a Pinterest virtual assistant can take some time. Don’t give up if it takes a few weeks to start seeing results from your marketing efforts. If you persevere and keep networking, you will land that first client.

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Finding your first client as a Pinterest VA

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