How Can I Learn Blogging For Free?

How Can I Learn Blogging For Free?

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There’s a wealth of blogging information available on the internet that you can learn for free, however, you will still have to pay out for hosting which isn’t a lot really and maybe pay out for a new theme or a plugin later on if you want to. There are plenty of free themes you can use in the meantime. If you’re looking to do everything totally free it’s just not possible, especially if you want to blog professionally and make a business out of it.

When I started my blog, I installed a free theme. As time went on I wanted it to look professional and have more features, so, once I started making an income from my blog, I went ahead and bought one. After that, I created two more blogs and purchased themes for those along with some paid plugins and Tailwind for scheduling my pins to Pinterest. There are many blogging tools that you will need, many have a free version then you can go onto the paid options as you grow. Blogging really doesn’t cost much to get started.

I’ve spent years learning different ways of earning online, WordPress is my absolute favourite, I love blogging, plus it’s enabled me to create a second income.

Leaning never stops with blogging, there will always be something new to absorb whether it be a new plugin, an update, rules and regulations etc.

When first thinking of starting a blog it can be difficult to know where to start. There are many expensive courses around that you might not have the money to pay out for. I’ve been in this position myself and it has inspired me to create a course on Teachable to help new UK bloggers.

My course will help you install and set up a WordPress blog using the hosting company I’m currently using and show you how to get started on your blogging journey. I share the tools I use and much more. When new information becomes available, I’ll continue topping up the course, so students will always benefit from my updates. There’s a facebook group for added support too with a mix of new and experienced bloggers.

Why not come and take a look at Start WordPress Blogging?

How Can I Learn Blogging For Free?
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