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I’ve put together 5 fabulous KDP low-content interiors ready to upload to Amazon. These are useful for anyone starting out who wants professional-looking interiors and needs to save time.

Blank Page Selection

This set of blank page templates is a great place to start. They’re essential for making dot grid (bullet journals), lined and grid notebooks.

Note that when making a dot grid notebook, it must not be named bullet journal because it is a registered trademark.

Created by DiBrush

The set contains 18 completed Amazon KDP book interior templates in 3 sizes, with bleed and without bleed.

Each book contains 120 pages. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about regarding bleed, please read my post that explains what it means here: Bleed or No Bleed – What Does It Mean?

KDP Interior Editable with Canva

This is a blank KDP interior sized at 6 x 9 inches, no bleed. It’s ready to upload or edit in Canva. If you don’t have a Canva account I highly recommend that you open one because I guarantee you will use it all the time when designing KDP books.

Designed by KermeliaDigiDesigns

The first page has a “This book belongs to… box and the blank pages start from page 2.

Note: Amazon does not usually allow you to upload a book with totally blank pages, the way around this is to number the pages or put a thin border around them.

A margin guide is included with this book, making it particularly useful for anyone new to KDP who wants to get creating as soon as possible in the shortest amount of time.

100 Day Goal Planner

This is a lovely interior for making your first planner. It’s sized at 6 x 9 inches and contains 120 pages with bleed. See the features here:

  • Welcome page
  • Goal setting page
  • Page for strategies
  • 100 daily pages
  • Reflection page, after 100 days
  • 120 pages in total
  • KDP tested

Niches and Topics – Designs for Low Content Books

This is a big bundle of niches and topics with over 120 KDP Interior templates.

This set has templates for almost every niche, so there’s plenty here to give you ideas for your books.

Niches include; 15 Outdoor Activities Templates, 15 Sports & Nutrition Templates, 15 Music & Art Templates, 15 Medical Check-Up Templates, 15 Business & Finance Templates, 15 Hobby and Passion Templates, 15 Tasting and Cooking Templates and 15 Sports Field Templates.

Gardening Log

This Gardening Log template can be used for personal use or commercially. There are ready-to-use PDF and PowerPoint Templates with this download.

By 8StudioDesign

With the template being editable, you can make it original. Gardening notebooks/planners tend to sell very well on Amazon. The first gardening planner cover I created was made using Bookbolt. It is one of my best sellers!

You may wish to read this post on How to Create Low Content Books With Bookbolt.

KDP interior templates can also be purchased from Creative Fabrica, along with fonts and graphics. The suggestions above are all from Etsy.


Canva – I use this daily for banners on my blog, creating pins for Pinterest, logos and book covers, interiors and more. In fact, I couldn’t do without it!

Book Bolt – Create KDP covers and interiors with ease. Get 20% off at checkout with my code: suefoster

Creative Fabrica – The best place for graphics and fonts for your books.

I've put together 5 fabulous KDP low content interiors ready to upload to Amazon. These are useful for anyone starting out who wants professional-looking interiors and wants to save time.

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