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Up until September 2023, authors and publishers had the freedom to upload as many books as they desired to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). However, a surge in questionable content submissions, often characterised by low-quality and AI-generated text, prompted Amazon KDP to enforce changes aimed at maintaining the platform’s integrity and quality.

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How Many Books Can I Upload to Amazon KDP Per Day?

You can now upload three books per day. The implementation of a daily limit of three books is aimed to combat abuse. KDP observed a surge in low-quality and AI-generated book submissions on the platform and believes that this daily limit will mitigate the issue.

I’ve noticed people uploading multiple notebooks with only minor alterations, like a change in colour, in an attempt to flood the market and boost sales. However, this strategy proves ineffective.

In my opinion, this is a good move as it can sometimes take days for a book to be published because of the sheer volume being uploaded. The three-book limit should help speed up this process.

AI-Generated Content KDP

When uploading a book, authors are also now required to inform Amazon if it contains AI-generated content, including text, images, or translations.

This change comes after discussions with the Authors Guild and is seen as a step towards addressing the impact of generative AI on reading, writing, and publishing. It’s also a response to incidents where suspected AI-generated books imitating the work of real authors were found on the site.

The new guidelines distinguish between AI-generated and AI-assisted content. AI-generated content is defined as text, images, or translations created by an AI-based tool. Authors are not required to disclose when content is AI-assisted.

Regardless of how a book is created, KDP stresses that users are expected to follow all guidelines and are responsible for verifying that all AI-generated and/or AI-assisted content adheres to all content guidelines.

This policy helps ensure that the content available on KDP is of high quality and unique, which remains key to success on the platform.

In Conclusion

No matter how a book is made, everyone using KDP must follow the rules. This helps make sure that the books on KDP are of high quality, which is really important for success on the platform. By doing this, Amazon KDP is making sure that both authors and readers have a better experience.

What are your thoughts on these changes to Amazon KDP? Let us know in the comments!

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Amazon KDP's new limits & rules on book uploads. Learn why the changes were necessary & how they impact authors & readers.

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