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I often hear the question: Is selling low-content books worth it? I believe that selling low-content books is indeed worthwhile; however, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Be prepared to put in a lot of work at the start. Your initial books may not be the best, but if you persist, sales will gradually come. At that point, you can begin using Amazon Ads to further boost your sales. Additionally, make the most of A+ content; it has significantly helped increase my sales.

Low Content Books Examples

Here are some examples of low-content books that are relatively easy to create and have a high demand:


These are simple books that can be used for writing notes, ideas, or anything else. They can be lined, dotted, or blank. Note that you cannot upload a book full of blank pages on Amazon; you’ll need to add numbers or a border on each page.


Journals are a bit like notebooks, but they’re usually used for more personal writing, almost like keeping a diary. While notebooks can be used for various things, journals are often dedicated to capturing your inner thoughts, feelings, and personal stories.

Log Books

These are used to record specific types of information. For example, a reading log book, gardening log book or a workout log book to track exercise routines.


These are used for organising and planning daily activities. They can be general or tailored to specific needs like a meal planner or a homeschool planner.

Bullet Journals

Bullet Journals are a type of journal with a specific format that includes tasks, events, and notes. If you decide to create bullet journals, refer to them as Dot Grid Journals since you cannot use the term ‘Bullet Journal’ because it is trademarked.

Composition Notebooks

These are often used in schools and can be filled with lined paper for writing.

Guest Books

These are books used to record the names and sometimes comments of guests.

Remember, even though these books are relatively easy to create, the key to successful selling is to make them unique. For example, a notebook with a unique cover design or a planner with a specific layout can stand out from the competition.

Don’t Listen to Gurus Saying Notebooks Don’t Sell

Ignore the advice from so-called gurus who claim that notebooks don’t sell. In my experience, notebooks have consistently proven to be my best sellers!

Make your notebooks stand out by creating attractive book covers and incorporating personalised features in the interiors. This way, you’ll appeal to customers who value the uniqueness of your products.

One of my best sellers was made using Bookbolt when I first started creating notebooks in 2021.

How to Make Notebooks

If you’re just starting, Bookbolt makes notebook creation easy. Once you’re more experienced, try using Canva along with Tangent Templates to assist you with interiors and provide the correct sizing and templates for your books. For commercial-use graphics, I use Creative Fabrica.

Remember that once your books start to sell, they can generate passive income year on year. Obviously, it’s not entirely passive; you’ll still want to create more books. Amazon prints and ships the books for you, so you don’t have to deal with the customer side of things. So yes, selling low-content books is worth it.

When selling low-content books persistence is key. Explore easy-to-create examples, boost sales with Amazon Ads, and create unique notebooks for success.

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