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Following on from my post getting started with amazon ads for KDP, this post will discuss how you can use another type of Amazon ad that will help to sell more of your books. Try this when you have published a range of books that can be grouped together.

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Normally, I run sponsored ads using manual or automatic targeting. The ads I’m going to be talking about today are called Sponsored Brand Ads and when you use these ads, you choose to target either keywords or products, there is no automatic targeting.

They are particularly good for advertising a group of similar books under your brand name (Pen Name). You will need to have at least 3 books under the same pen name to be able to do this, although Amazon does recommend 5 or more books.

With Sponsored Brand Ads, Amazon provides you with a landing page for your brand and showcases the books you choose. This gives the potential customer more choice when they click your ad because they are directed to the page displaying all of your selected books. Rather than seeing just one book, the customer sees a range of similar books they might be interested in, so there is more chance of generating sales.

How to set up Amazon sponsored brand ads

Just follow the steps below and you’ll have your ads set up in no time at all!

  • Go to your bookshelf and choose a book, then click Promote and Advertise.
  • Select a marketplace from the drop down box.
  • Click on Create and ad Campaign.
  • Choose Sponsored Brands.
  • Give your campaign a name.
  • Portfolio – I don’t have a portfolio, this option may show here if you have one.
  • Enter a start and finish date if required. (You can pause ads anytime).
  • Enter a daily budget. (I usually start with a low budget, between $2-$5, then increase if needed).
  • Choose the author – select one of your author/pen names here if you have more than one.
  • Select all the books that you’d like to advertise together.
  • You’ll then see a preview of your ad displaying all your books. You can edit your author profile picture if needed.
  • Add a headline for your books.
  • Choose between Keyword Targeting or Product Targeting. (I use keyword targeting).
  • Choose between Suggested Bid or Custom Bid. I choose custom and enter a lower bid because the suggested bids are quite high to start with. Start off low, you can always increase this later. I start with around $0.20.
  • *Choose match type, broad, phrase, exact or all three.
  • Amazon will give you keyword suggestions. Select the ones you wish to use and add your own if required.
  • Negative keywords. Leave this for now, negative keywords can be added at a later date.
  • Click Submit for Review.

*Match types allow you to fine-tune which customer search terms trigger your ads.
Broad: Contains all the keywords in any order and includes plurals, variations and related keywords.
Phrase: Contains the exact phrase or sequence of keywords.
Exact: Exactly matches the keyword or sequence of keywords.

And that’s it! Amazon will send you an email when your ad is live. As you can see it’s very easy to set up sponsored brand ads.

Remember to monitor your ads every day to see how they are performing.

Useful Tools and Resources

Canva – I use this daily for banners on my blog, creating pins for Pinterest, logos and book covers, interiors and more. In fact, I couldn’t do without it!

Book Bolt – Create KDP covers and interiors with ease. Get 20% off at checkout with my code: suefoster

Creative Fabrica – The best place for graphics and fonts for your books.

This post will discuss how you can use another type of Amazon ad that will help to sell more of your books.

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