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A group of people on a skiing trip

The snow is falling, the days are getting shorter, and it’s time to break out your skis. These are the best times of year for skiing because you’ll have plenty of fresh powder on offer with no one else around. You need a few essential items before you head off, though, so here is our list of 15 must-have ski trip essentials to ensure that this winter’s adventure goes smoothly. It’s important not to forget anything!

1. Waterproof Skis

You don’t want to be the only one heading home on a soggy day. Invest in skis that are waterproof, or you might regret it on those snowy slopes!

2. Sunscreen

The UV rays at high altitudes can damage your skin easily, so make sure you’re wearing sunscreen throughout the trip. This is especially crucial for children who won’t know to take care of their skin until they get burned once.

3. A Ski Jacket

You need to be warm and comfortable when you’re on the slopes. Your ski jacket needs to protect you against the wind, snowfall, and any other elements that might make things too cold for comfort.

4. Snacks and Water Bottle

If you’re staying in a chalet or somewhere without hot food on offer, make sure that you take enough snacks to see you through till morning.

If there is access to hot water, then you need to take a flask of your favourite drink because your body needs rehydrating when it’s cold out!

5. First Aid Supplies

Headaches, nausea, dislocations – they all happen too often when skiing. Make sure you’ve got bandages and plasters to hand just in case something does happen!

If you’re hoping to enjoy your trip and not spend it in a clinic, then first aid supplies are an important must-have ski trip essential.

6. A Ski Map

Don’t be that person who’s trying to get off the mountain at 5 pm because they don’t know the area and their phone battery died on them – carry a map! You can either pick one up from reception or print out a free online one.

7. Sunhat and Sunglasses

The sun will probably shine when you head down the trails, so make sure you pack some shades and a hat for protection against UV rays that could damage your skin. Depending on the likelihood of sunny weather, you might even want to take a face mask!

8. Waterproof Boots

You don’t want to be in wet socks, or worse: wet feet and ruined boots. Invest in some waterproof boots, and you won’t regret it!

9. Ski Poles

If your ski resort offers basic equipment hire, then you probably don’t need them, but if not, invest in a pair of sturdy poles. You’ll have enough on your mind without trying to balance with one pole each!

10. Heat Packs

Whether it’s gloves or boots, you need something to keep your extremities warm in – heat packs will do the job! If you didn’t pack any, then they can be bought at ski shops or pharmacies in the resort.

11. Ski Repair Kit

You’ll want to keep your gear looking new for as long as possible, so protect it with some ski repair kit that can easily be picked up in the resort.

12. Phone and Charger

If you’re heading to a chalet, then the phone should probably stay in your pocket for the most part, but if you’re spending nights in a hotel or apartment, then it’s a good idea to bring it along, so friends and family know where to find you. Take your charger too!

13. Ski Insurance Documentation

Take your insurance information with you just in case something goes wrong while skiing – it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it!

If you’ve booked a ski lesson, always check if your instructor will also have essentials available such as first aid kits, etc., before going anywhere without them, just in case.

14. Hot Water Bottle and Blanket

If you’re used to sleeping in a warm bed, then spending time on the mountain can be bitterly cold without these two essentials!

Hot water bottles are available in most pharmacies, and blanket hire is available at some resorts – just ask around when you get there.

15. A Sense of Adventure!

You’re going to have fun; it’s what skiing is all about – so put your best foot forward and enjoy yourself! Remember that many people book their vacations months before they take place, so try not to stress about anything…with 15 must-have ski trip essentials packed, you’ll be ready for anything mother nature throws at you!

Skiing can be a fun and exciting experience, but it’s important to ensure you have the right gear and supplies before heading out on the slopes. Our list of 15 ski trip essentials will help you stay safe and comfortable while enjoying your time in the snow!

	 If you're down to hit the slopes this winter, and you're not sure what you need to pack, we've got your back. The following list of 15 necessities will make your ski trip fun.

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