• Yoga Poses For Stiff Neck and Shoulders

    Yoga for stiff neck and shoulders

    Working on a computer all day sitting at a desk for long hours can cause a stiff neck and shoulders, just as can sleeping in awkward positions at night. Stress and anxiety can also cause a stiff neck and shoulders. Here are some yoga poses for stiff neck and shoulders to help ease the stiffness […]

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  • Effective Menopause Exercise Videos

    Effective Menopause Exercise Videos.

    I’ve put together some of my favourite effective menopause exercise videos and yoga DVDs to help you slim down, get in shape, and reduce that menopause belly. These are workouts created by people I follow and regularly go to for menopause advice, health tips and exercise workouts. Menopause 4-Minute Workout Really there is no excuse […]

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  • Which Yoga Mat Should I Buy?

    Which yoga mat do I need?

    If you’re new to yoga and about to start classes you’re probably thinking of buying a yoga mat. I’ve covered some points in this post that will help you decide which mat is best for you. What is the best thickness for a yoga mat? This all depends on the type of floor you are […]

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  • Shapeshifter Yoga Review

    Shapeshifter Yoga Review

    Shapeshifter Yoga Review I’ve been practising yoga exercises for years and often workout at home. I’m always on the lookout for new yoga workouts to try. I’ve recently started to practice Shapeshifter Yoga* by Kris Fondran. What Does The Program promise? Shapeshifter Yoga promises to melt flab and reshape your body in as little as one hour […]

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