• How Does The Diet Plate Work?

    How does the diet plate work?

    The Diet Plate works by ensuring you are eating the correct portion sizes. I recently invested in a plate and bowl to help me lose some weight. The pounds have been creeping on over the years, more so since the onset of menopause. I thought it was about time to do something about it because […]

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  • Menopause Weight Gain – What You Can Do About It

    Menopause Weight Gain - What You Can Do About It

    Your jeans are tighter, and nothing fits like it used to. Menopausal weight gain around the middle is one of the worst things for women of a certain age. Menopausal weight gain can have consequences more serious than outgrowing your favourite pair of jeans. Find out how middle-age spread affects your body and what you […]

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  • Myths Surrounding The Menopause

    Myths Surrounding The Menopause

    There are lots of myths and facts surrounding menopause and when you’re searching for answers to your questions, the information out there can be somewhat overwhelming. Here are some myths that you will likely hear and read about, but they’re not all that they seem… You, Will, Get Depressed Before assuming that menopause leads to […]

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  • Effective Menopause Exercise Videos

    Effective Menopause Exercise Videos.

    I’ve put together some of my favourite effective menopause exercise videos and yoga DVDs to help you slim down, get in shape, and reduce that menopause belly. These are workouts created by people I follow and regularly go to for menopause advice, health tips and exercise workouts. Menopause 4-Minute Workout Really there is no excuse […]

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  • What Are The First Signs Of Menopause?

    What are the first signs of menopause?

    The First Signs Of Menopause And What Can Help “Menopausal women are hot!” The first signs of menopause can differ from woman to woman. You may experience a variety of symptoms leading up to menopause, this is known as perimenopause. The perimenopause period usually starts in a woman’s 40s, but it can start earlier. This […]

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