• Rose Essential Oil Benefits

    Rose Essential Oil & Rose Petals

    Rose essential oil is distilled from rose petals, the oil has a beautiful scent and is known for its many therapeutic uses. Rose essential oil has lots of uses that can help both physical and mental health with aromatherapy and topical applications. Here are some of the best rose essential oil benefits. To Help Depression […]

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  • Myths Surrounding The Menopause

    Myths Surrounding The Menopause

    There are lots of myths and facts surrounding menopause and when you’re searching for answers to your questions, the information out there can be somewhat overwhelming. Here are some myths that you will likely hear and read about, but they’re not all that they seem… You, Will, Get Depressed Before assuming that menopause leads to […]

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  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Benefits

    Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Benefits

    Ylang Ylang is a beautiful and calming essential oil to add to your collection. It is originally derived from the flowers of the Ylang Ylang tree in Asian rainforests. Ylang Ylang essential oil benefits are many, which include countless mental benefits, it’s jam-packed with positivity. The flower is aesthetically interesting as the petals droop from […]

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  • How to Use Rosemary Essential Oil

    What Does Rosemary Oil Do For You?

    Essential oils offer a wide variety of benefits for your health and wellbeing. Let’s find out how to use rosemary essential oil. Rosemary is known and used in savoury dishes and is renowned for its herbal flavour. Rosemary essential oil, however, is jampacked with a host of health benefits from cosmetic enhancements to mental stimulation. […]

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  • Effective Menopause Exercise Videos

    Effective Menopause Exercise Videos.

    I’ve put together some of my favourite effective menopause exercise videos and yoga DVDs to help you slim down, get in shape, and reduce that menopause belly. These are workouts created by people I follow and regularly go to for menopause advice, health tips and exercise workouts. Menopause 4-Minute Workout Really there is no excuse […]

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  • The Benefits Of Pets For Mental Health

    The Benefits Of Pets For Mental Health

    Pets, specifically dogs, are amazing for our health. If you have been struggling with either your physical or your mental health in recent years, rather than going to a therapist, have a think about rescuing a furry friend. Here are all of the reasons why you should get a dog for your mental health. More […]

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