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Rose essential oil is distilled from rose petals, the oil has a beautiful scent and is known for its many therapeutic uses. Rose essential oil has uses that can help both physical and mental health with aromatherapy and topical applications. Here are some of the best rose essential oil benefits.

Rose Essential Oil & Rose Petals

To Help Depression

Rose essential oil has been proven to decrease the symptoms of depression and improve mood in many people.

For centuries roses have been grown in gardens and displayed in bouquets for a good reason, they have the most beautiful scent.

Research shows that rose essential oil can help lower the symptoms of depression and postpartum depression. It also decreases anxiety as well.

Adding rose essential oil to a diffuser can help to lift spirits.

Boosts the Immune System

Rose essential oil has been shown to help protect against viruses such as the common cold and flu. The oil contains antiviral compounds that can help your immune system resist viruses.

This essential oil’s ability to protect against viruses of all types makes it a must-have in your home. Use in a diffuser or add a few drops mixed with carrier oil and add to your bath.

Protect and Nourish Your Skin

Roses have been an ingredient in skin care products for many years. Where rose essential oil is excellent at protecting against microbes on your skin, it also helps to protect and heal the skin.

Rose essential oil is also excellent at preventing blemishes, the bacteria responsible for acne can be treated with this essential oil.

Rose oil can be dabbed onto acne using a cotton bud up to 3 times daily. If the skin is irritated by the oil you can dilute it with a carrier oil. Jojoba oil is particularly beneficial for acne-prone skin.

I have oily and sensitive skin and use this wonderful Rose Day Cream found on Amazon. It’s natural and contains just Rose Oil and Jojoba, it smells divine and feels lovely on my skin.

Rose essential oil also helps your skin absorb nutrients and skincare products and can help when you have dry or chapped skin.

Increase the effectiveness of any moisturiser by adding a few drops of rose essential oil whenever you apply it to your skin.

Helps to Fade Scars

The antioxidant effect of rose essential oil helps with the healing process of the skin. Applying the oil to scars and stretchmarks will help them fade quickly.

Helps Ease Period Pain

Massaging the abdomen with rose essential oil mixed with carrier oil is said to ease period pain and also help with nausea and fatigue, also associated with menstruation.

For skin lightening

Rose essential oil helps to lighten dark spots on the skin, and is especially good for combination and oily skin.

Makes a Wonderful Perfume

Rose essential oil is commonly used in the fragrance industry, you can make natural chemical-free perfume by storing it in a small 10ml roller bottle container.

Add 10 to 12 drops of rose essential oil, top up with a carrier oil swirl the oils around so that they blend and then use on the pulse points when needed. This is great for popping into your handbag!

The benefits of rose essential oil—from easing depression to enhancing skin health. Learn its uses for immunity, skincare, and DIY perfume.

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