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Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you need to keep doing to stay alive. However, many people may be keeping hydrated the wrong way.

A report published by Healthy Food America claimed the majority of people in the country drink at least one high-sugar beverage a day. Although people are drinking less sugary beverages now compared to the previous decade, the study found some are still taking in too much of their calories from these drinks and this applies to people in the UK too.

The terrible effects of too much soda consumption have been thoroughly documented before. Aside from increased weight gain, sodas are also linked to insulin resistance, the precursor to type 2 diabetes. They also contain no essential nutrients at all.

But if you want to stay hydrated with fun and flavourful beverages, you have plenty of options from sodas.

Here are six delicious and nutritious drinks you can sip to improve your health.

6 Delicious and Nutritious Beverages You Should Be Drinking

1 Flavour-Infused Water

Tired of drinking plain water? Try flavoured water, which can come in multiple fruit and herb infusions. If you don’t know where to buy flavoured water, you can mix up a batch in your kitchen. Flavour infused water is very easy to make, although it may take a few times to get the flavour combinations right.

The basic combination of flavour-infused water involves mixing fruit or berries with herbs. Just chop up or muddle a few pieces of your chosen fruit and sprinkle a few sprigs of herbs in a jug of water and let steep for a few minutes. Popular and tasty combinations include strawberry-mint, peach-vanilla and watermelon-rosemary.

2 Citrus Water

Citrus fruits, like limes, lemons and oranges are just bursting with vitamin C and other important substances. Studies have shown the benefits of pulp in orange juice, which have a high fibre content. If you don’t have the time or patience to squeeze out fresh citrus juice, you can make citrus water instead. Just cut up a citrus fruit of your choice into thin slices and put them into a jug of water. Citrus water is also a great way to re-energize yourself when you’re working or exercising. A sip of the tangy, zingy water will be enough to put the pep back in your step during a long day.

3 Coconut Water

This milky beverage has been touted by health enthusiasts for years. Aside from being a totally refreshing drink when served over ice, it’s brimming with nutrients. A single cup of coconut water contains 10 per cent of your recommended dose of vitamin C, 17 per cent of your recommended manganese intake and 17 per cent of your recommended potassium intake.

The same amount of coconut water also only contains approximately 46 calories. It’s also a great antioxidant, helping your body rejuvenate and expel harmful substances. Doctors may also prescribe coconut water to prevent kidney stones from forming in your body.

4 Red Wine

Red wine doesn’t just pair amazingly with red meats and savoury meals, it’s also a heart smart choice of beverage. When you drink red wine in moderation, always an important caveat, you reduce your risk of developing coronary artery disease. This condition is the leading cause of heart attacks.

The heart benefits of red wine come from its high quantity of antioxidants. This cocktail of antioxidants increases your body’s “good cholesterol,” technically known as high-density lipoprotein. Its most important chemical is resveratrol, which some research indicates decreases your risk of blood clots and inflammations.

5 Soy milk

Milk is another essential beverage that provides your body with the calcium it needs to keep your bones strong. However, you may suffer from lactose intolerance or choose to only consume plant-based food products. Soy milk provides a welcome solution that offers the same nutrient contents.

A single cup of soy milk is only 80 calories and has 7 grams of protein. It also contains only a single gram of sugar and no saturated fat. When you feel the yens for some milk, pop open a bottle of soy milk and start drinking.

6 Green Tea

Civilizations have been drinking green tea for centuries, maybe even millennia. You’re probably familiar with the calming effect of sipping a nice hot cup of green tea, but it also has other more tangible health benefits.

Diabetics who *drink green tea may find that it keeps their blood sugar levels stable. The catechins in a cup of green tea also protect your body from the ravages of a diet with too much fat. Studies have also found green tea to be an effective method for improving your circulation.

The next time you feel a little parched, don’t reach for the soda bottle. Instead, take a look at these beverages and remember that healthy and tasty can come hand in hand.

6 Delicious and Nutritious Beverages You Should Be Drinking

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