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Many people would like to be able to leave the rat race of a nine to five job and work for themselves. It can give you a great chance to strike that home and work-life balance right and do something that you feel extra passionate about. But, what can you do?

If you are stuck for a few ideas then here are some of the business trends that you could start from home.

An eye for creation and design, make your own clothes to sell

If you have an eye for creation and design then maybe designing something yourself from scratch and making it could be the direction to take.

One area that you could focus on would be to make your own clothes. This is when coming up with the fabric patterns, researching different types of materials like could be a great direction to take.

Further to that, if you want, you could then sell the clothes online on websites like Etsy, or attend craft fairs or artisan markets where you can showcase what you have done.

Reselling on eBay with things you source

It has become apparent that selling on eBay has become a great way to make money, but this isn’t just focusing on your own clutter, although that is a great place to start.

Resellers now source stock to see through charity shops and car boot sales. Finding valuable items and buying them at a reasonable price only to then sell them on for a profit. You will need a business eBay account to do this, but this sort of business is proving very profitable for people working from home.


Do you have a flair for writing, then the best advice would be to start looking at freelance work and copywriting.

It can be an easy job to do from home and providing you have a decent level of writing in skills and are a string in grammar and punctuation, then this could be a great source of income to consider.

Blogging and vlogging

There is no denying that the blog or indeed the vlog is not going anywhere. With many brands choosing to work with bloggers for advertising, it can be very lucrative.

You can start easily, and with time and effort build your brand and domain authority.

With that will come opportunities to write sponsored content and review items. A vlog is a next step where you will look at ways to share content through video and upload to YouTube. There have been some hugely successful vloggers out there making a lot of money by sharing their lives and passions online.

Catering opportunities

Finally, there may be chances to look at putting your cooking and baking skills to the surface by creating a catering business from home.

This might be bespoke baking, or could be creating buffets for events. This can be a lovely thing to do in your spare time.

Let’s hope that these tips help you when it comes to trying to work from home and taking on some of the popular business trends that you could do.

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