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Digital Marketing Advice

Looking for a career that’s exciting, creative and in demand? Then digital marketing could be the career for you. As more and more businesses are going online, the need for digital marketing experts is growing.

Working in digital marketing can take you to a variety of industries and gives you the chance to use a range of skills.

If you think a career in digital marketing could be a good fit for you, take a look at the following advice to see what’s required, and how to get into the field.

Some education is useful

While digital marketing is still a relatively new career path, there are some opportunities to get some relevant education that will help you boost your skills.

Marketing and communications degrees are particularly useful, as they will teach you the principles of engaging with audiences as well as the ins and outs of marketing.

But you don’t have to go down the formal education route to get into digital marketing. There are some great online courses designed for digital marketers that will help you learn the skills required to become an expert in digital marketing.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing also has some great courses and one-day sessions that can help you brush up on your skills.

It’s worth taking advantage of the different opportunities that are out there to help equip you with the skills needed for a career in digital.

Get some work experience

While having some form of education will benefit your job search, many businesses and organisations will be interested in the experience that you have.

You could shadow the digital teams in your own company to get a deeper understanding of the role while demonstrating an interest could work in your favour if any jobs come up in the future.

Otherwise, apply to different companies for a work experience of internship placement that will help introduce you to the world of digital marketing.

Work experience is very valuable when it comes to marketing careers. Many people who are starting out their careers will volunteer to help charities and good causes with their marketing efforts as a way to boost their CVs as well as get the chance to put any existing skills to good use.

Be more digitally savvy

Do you know what’s happening in digital at the moment? If you’re going to work in digital marketing, then you’re going to need to start taking an interest in what’s going on.

Reading the latest digital news is a great start, and you’ll soon realise that there are constant developments in the digital marketing world that you need to stay up to date with.

As digital marketing is a growing medium, it’s an on-trend topic with many businesses and organisations. If you do some research, you’ll be likely to find some digital events, seminars and workshops taking place in your area which can not only help you discover the latest digital innovations but are also great opportunities for networking.

Having an outside interest or a side hustle is also a good way to show off your passion and interest in digital marketing.

Starting a blog or running an Instagram or Twitter account will look impressive when you meet prospective employers, and will give you a chance to use some of your new skills too.

Work in digital marketing

Brush up on your writing skills

If you’re serious about becoming a digital marketing expert, then you’re going to need to be able to write well.

Writing copy is an important part of the job, and you should be able to craft social media copy, blog posts and more in a confident and creative way using the best keywords – a good keyword tool can help you with this.

If you think your writing skills can do with a boost, then it’s worth taking a look at some copywriting courses.

Many digital marketing teams will outsource their copywriting, and you might even find that this type of role is more suitable to your skills and interests.

You can find out why website copy is so important for businesses to help you understand the kind of work that is required.

Copywriters have skills in writing for all kinds of audiences, and you might find yourself relying on their services a lot when it comes to delivering services to your clients.

Teach yourself graphic design

Not all digital marketers will be involved in content creation, but it can be a useful skill to have in this kind of career.

Being able to use programmes from the Adobe Creative Suite such as Photoshop, InDesign and Premiere Pro will be useful to you and could be a big bonus to employers when it comes to looking for your next role.

The great thing about Adobe is that they provide plenty of amazing resources for people to learn how to use their applications.

The Creative Cloud tutorials will help you learn everything from creating a logo to a short video for social media, that will produce professional results in no time.

As well as the self-taught option, you also have the choice of attending some in-class training courses which provide both an overview of the programmes, as well as different techniques that will make your work first-class.

Be prepared for competition

While there is a lot of demand for digital marketing experts, there are also a lot of people applying for open positions.

With the right preparation, you can nail your interview, but you might also want to think outside the box as to how you can impress the panel. Bringing a portfolio of your best work could help, as could a stellar presentation that shows off exactly what you can do.

Careers in digital marketing can be suitable for those with a range of skills and experience.

If you have an interest in marketing and you want to work in a role that is creative, challenging and diverse, then a digital marketing role could be right up your street.

Get some relevant experience and brush up on your skills and start hunting for your first digital marketing job. The future is digital, so why not be at the heart of it?

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