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Cutting The Costs Of Long-Distance Moves


Moving house in the same town is usually a very stressful and expensive experience. So, can you imagine how much worse it might be to carry out a long-distance move and take your life to a completely new city or region? Well, thankfully, moving so far doesn’t have to cost you the earth. In fact, there are quite a few ways you can keep the costs down. Read on to find out more.


Move At The Right Time

It’s necessary to think about the time of year when you want to move. There are times when it will be quite expensive, and periods when the cost shouldn’t be too bad. If you are flexible with your moving date, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble doing it on the cheap. For instance, moving firms can often be more expensive during the summer. If you are moving so far away that you will need to fly to your new destination, then try to avoid expensive airfare over the Christmas period and in school holidays.


Only Hire A Driver

Of course, you don’t always have to spend money on expensive moving firms. If you know someone who has their own van, then you could see if they will help you move for a fee. If not, don’t worry. You can always take a look on sites like Craigslist where individuals advertise their skills. These sites often have lots of adverts for men with vans. Hiring one of these drivers will be a lot cheaper than hiring an entire firm.


Ship Your Vehicles

Did you know that one of the largest costs that come with a long-distance move is often the expense of having to fill up the tank while you are driving to your new house? It’s true! But don’t worry, there’s a solution that you can use. You just need to use a company like that can ship your car for you. And then you can save a lot of money by either jumping in with your van driver or simply buying a cheap train ticket to your new town.


Look Out For Free Moving Boxes

It can be all too easy to overspend on boxes that you need for packing. If you are using a moving company, they might even be able to offer you some. If not, it’s worth starting to collect ones that you get when buying large items from stores. It’s also worth asking your friends and family if they have recently moved. They might have some boxes left over that you can use.


Remember Tax-Deductible Expenses

Some of the expenses that you have to pay while moving could be deducted from your tax. You can get more info about tax-deductible expenses at Basically put, though, if you are moving for work or relocating a business, then you should be able to deduct the majority of your expenses.

Hopefully, this blog post helps you save some cash!

Cutting The Costs Of Long-Distance Moves

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