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No one wants a wedding day that’s a carbon copy of someone else’s because no one is the same as anyone else. What most people want is to personalise their wedding as much as possible and make it something unique. Not only does this mean it will reflect your personality better and be something special and meaningful to you, but it also means your guests are more likely to remember it – and that’s always a positive thing (it might not be your priority, but it definitely can’t hurt). With that in mind, here are some ideas on how to personalise your big day and make it a special occasion

A young woman planning her wedding

Music That Speaks To You

Every wedding is going to have music and dancing, but that music isn’t just there at your reception or party – it’s also a part of the wedding ceremony itself, from when the guests are waiting for the bride to arrive, the bride walking down the aisle, and then the happy couple leaving the venue again when the ceremony is complete. 

It’s a great idea to choose music that speaks to you as a couple, and this will help to personalise your big day. Choose songs that hold a lot of significance for you in your relationship, whether it’s the song that played when you first met, one that always reminds you of one another or even a jokey song that makes you both laugh. You can even make your own playlist for the wedding so you know for sure all the songs are going to be exactly what you want. 

Personalise The Venue 

Spend some time searching for the right wedding venue because this can be another great way to personalise your wedding. You’ll need to find one that works in terms of the kind of architecture you like, the right location, or one that offers all the extras you’re looking for, from catering to hair and makeup or even overnight stays. 

You might also want to ensure whatever venue you choose can be personalised in the way you want. If so, you essentially have a blank canvas to do what you want (barring any major redecoration, of course!), and you can use the space you have to make things entirely personal to you. 

Examples of what to do include draping colourful fabric that matches your theme, incorporating photographs of the happy couple as children, displaying something that shows off your hobbies and interests, and so on. 

Interactive Guests Experiences 

If you want your wedding to be a personalised one, you can have your guests get involved too; the best way to do this is to include plenty of interactive things for them to enjoy at your wedding.

You might hire a photo booth, for example, or have a guestbook where everyone can leave messages. If you have some outside space to use, why not set up some lawn games or a Punch and Judy show for the little ones (and not-so-little ones) and let your guests really enjoy the entire day to the fullest?

Discover how to personalise your wedding and create a truly unique celebration. From meaningful music choices to venue customisation and interactive guest experiences, make your big day unforgettable.

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