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Feeling low?  Read through the list below and see if you can relate to these feelings. These are definite signs that you should be taking more risks in your life and it’s time for a change.

You Feel Bored Most Days

Being down in the dumps strikes everyone from time to time. Maybe you really aren’t enjoying your work this week because it’s the same old thing? It’s totally normal to feel this way occasionally. But if you’re regularly bored and fed up with what you’re doing, it might be a sign that you need to change things.

You’re Not Excited in the Mornings

You’re not going to be excited in the morning if you’ve been awake all night by noise, a sick child or some other cause, but if you wake up not feeling excited regularly by the day ahead and hate the thought of getting out of bed without any recent cause, it could mean you need some change and excitement in your life.

You’re in a Creative Mess

Mental blocks happen to us all from time to time and lack of creativity can be caused by a lack of risk-taking. Before you give up your writing, drawing or whatever you do from lack of inspiration, ask yourself are you too comfortable in your situation?

You’re On Edge

Being on edge is a feeling of mild unease and anxiety that is hard to shake off. When life is too familiar and comfortable you stop taking risks and can still have this edgy feeling. This happens when your mind (and your body) are on autopilot all the time. Your brain is trying to warn you that it’s time to wake up and re-engage with life.

You’re Indecisive

If you’re not regularly taking risks, then the smallest of decisions like what to eat for dinner or which movie to see can start to feel more significant. That’s because, in the absence of real risks, you start overthinking everything about your life. Think about the last time you took a risk—you probably had to make a string of decisions and make them quickly to keep things moving.

It's Your Move: My Million Dollar Method For Taking Risks With Confidence And Succeeding At Work And LifeIt’s Your Move: My Million Dollar Method For Taking Risks With Confidence And Succeeding At Work And Life


You Feel Jealous of Others

A friend is successful at work, another is going on a holiday of a lifetime. If you find that you regularly feel jealous of what other people are doing, it can be a warning sign that you’re not doing anything that thrills you.

You Have No Direction

You seem to be drifting by in life or in your career with no real plan. While it’s fine to go through times when you need time to breathe, they can be dangerous if they last too long. Your growth starts to stagnate and you find yourself feeling restless and overwhelmed.

How To Help Yourself

If you’re feeling any of the above it’s time to make some changes however small, for example, have a change of scenery and visit a new place. Join a class that interests you, you could meet new people who you connect with.

Learn a new skill, start a blog, take up a new hobby, even change or leave your job which is what I’ve done, especially if it’s not what you really want to be doing. Maybe even start your own business?

It’s easy to fall into a rut. But just because you’re in one doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Create a plan to do something different and shake up your current routine.

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Should I Take the Risk? Here Are Signs You Need to Take More

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