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Jo kindly tagged me in the education and parent blogger tag and here are my views on education.

The Power of Education – the Education and Parent Blogger Tag

Education and Parent Blogger Tag questions
What is your highest educational achievement?

I got as far as O’levels. I couldn’t wait to leave school! In my days at school, not all of the teachers were very pleasant. Some of the behaviours wouldn’t be allowed today and they would be banned from teaching.

We had a woodwork teacher called Mr Merry who wasn’t merry at all. He threw the board rubber and cut one boy’s head open and did nothing about it. He’d mock us if we didn’t know what the woodwork tools were used for.

We were terrified! I couldn’t wait to leave that class.

What was your favourite subject at school?

I don’t think I had a favourite, it was so long ago I can’t remember. Showing my age now!

How are your children educated? (public, private or homeschool etc)

At present public school.

Why have you decided that educational route for them?

Private schools are very expensive, so it’s not a decision really, it’s where she has to go.

I do think schools overcharge for the uniform. I think they should ditch all the strict rules and allow uniform without logos on so that it affordably be bought in high street shops.

Kitting out children for secondary school costs a fortune especially if you have more than one child. I really feel sorry for parents who struggle with this.

What is your child’s favourite subject?

She has only just started secondary school and said that she enjoys music and art so far.

What is your favourite educational game?

We are more fans of adventure games where you have to solve puzzles and go on quests. For years we have played The Legend of Zelda in our house.

Who is your child’s favourite author?

She enjoys reading books by Pamela Butchart at the moment.

What is your child’s favourite FREE educational game?

She has a few apps and also loves Minecraft.

What does your child want to do when they grow up?

At the moment she says an artist when asked.

Do your children want to go to university?

She said, “what’s that?” After I explained her answer was “nope”.

The Power of Education

So there’s my completed education and parent blogger tag. I think the power of education is great if you are fortunate enough to have a good school to go to, although there are many resources available on the internet to help your child learn.

Schools are a lot better nowadays and they tend to treat the kids more respectfully. Because of this school is more enjoyable for them so they want to learn.

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The Power of Education – the Education and Parent Blogger Tag

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