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Getting a cat can be a very exciting experience. After all, you finally get the chance to look after a pet in your home, and the kids will love it as well. There are, however, a few things to consider before getting a cat, and if you are not careful, you may end up making the wrong decision.

How to Know if you are Ready to Get a Cat


If you have kids under the age of 5 then you may want to give your decision some more thought. Kittens can inflict painful scratches on kids who don’t know how to act around pets and this can cause you a bit of drama.

If you still want to get a cat and you have young kids then you may want to look into adoption. When you do this, you can get an older cat and feel confident knowing they have been around children.

My very first cat was adopted from Cats Protection. I loved him so much. He was quite young when I got him and was a great companion. I was devastated when I lost him to a liver tumour.


If you have expensive furniture, you won’t want it to get scratched up or ruined. Without the right toys, cats may resort to your furniture, so you must ensure that you are prepared to invest in items like these.

Some of the items you should be prepared to invest in include a litter box, nail clippers, scratching posts, a bed, and more. Of course, even with all of these items, sometimes your cat will still turn to the furniture, so you have to be willing to live with that possibility.

I remember my cat slipping off the back of my leather sofa and scratching it while trying to cling on and avoid falling. I had to purchase a leather repair kit.

Recommendation: We have this XL litter tray from Pets at Home. It only cost £10 and I think that’s good value.

Vet Bills

Another consideration you have to think about is the vet bills. You have to consider whether you are willing to spend money on microchipping, neutering, vaccinations, and care when required.

Many people get a cat thinking that it is going to be way cheaper compared to having a dog, and this may be the case, but that doesn’t mean that there are zero costs involved.

When you get a cat, you are essentially welcoming another member of the family, so you must be able to look after it in the same way you would everyone else, and sometimes that means footing bills that you may not be expecting.

It would be wise to get cat insurance to prepare if the unexpected happens.

Outdoor and Indoor Cats

When you bring a cat home, you might be surprised by its personality. Some cats need to go outside, while others are perfectly happy staying indoors.

If you have an outdoor-loving cat, consider installing a cat flap. And for an indoor cat, make sure to have plenty of toys and cat grass to keep it entertained.

You never know what your cat might get up to, so don’t be surprised if they disappear for hours before responding to your calls. Cats are independent creatures, and that’s what makes them so fascinating. They’re also full of surprises, which adds to their charm and why they’re beloved in family homes. Being prepared for your cat’s quirks is essential for a smooth experience.

Are you ready for a cat? Discover what to consider before bringing one home. From kids to furniture and vet bills, ensure you're prepared.

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