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A young child coughing

The government is saying that kids with colds, sniffles and sore throats should still go to school. They’re saying it’s important for children to be in school all the time, even if they’re feeling unwell. This post discusses why making sick kids go to school during COVID isn’t a Good Idea.

Air Filtration in Government Buildings

Here’s the thing: we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. The government has installed air filters in their buildings to stay safe from COVID-19, so why aren’t they thinking about children’s safety? (You can read more about their sophisticated air filter system here.)

Sending sick kids to school where there are many other kids spread illnesses like COVID-19. If the government is trying so hard to keep themselves safe with air filtration, shouldn’t they be doing more to keep kids safe too?

They’re talking about how important school is. Yes, education matters, but being healthy matters too!

They’re also saying more and more kids are missing school. But guess what? It’s because they’re all getting sick, or their parents don’t want them exposed to SARS-CoV2! I can’t blame them for that.

Change is Needed

The pandemic has changed things, we need to adapt, and many people are trying to be extra careful about staying healthy.

Labour is talking about helping families who are having a tough time with school. Instead of just saying “Go to school no matter what,” maybe they could find ways to help kids who can’t always make it to class because they’re not well, or, adapt to the pandemic and provide alternative home education.

This reminds me of when I was a kid, feeling rotten but still being sent off to school, fortunately, we didn’t have Covid then.

It was not fun, I can tell you that. I felt lousy, and it didn’t do me any favours when it came to my health and wellness. If anything, it just made the illness drag on and made me feel awful.

I couldn’t concentrate on my school work, all I could think about was how much I wanted to be anywhere but there and I probably ended up sharing my germs with my classmates.

Not sending kids to school when ill is not just about stopping the spread of diseases like COVID-19. It’s about making sure kids are in a fit state to learn and don’t spend the day suffering when they should be resting.

It’s about time we took a long, hard look at how we approach health and education, especially in these challenging times. After all, there’s a lot more at stake here than just a day of school.

Covid Isn’t Just a Respiratory Disease

Let’s not forget, that there’s a growing body of evidence that’s showing us COVID-19 isn’t just a respiratory disease. It’s also a vascular disease. This means it doesn’t just affect your lungs, but your entire circulatory system, including your heart and blood vessels.

Research is showing that COVID-19 can cause damage to the endothelium, which is the lining of your blood vessels. This can lead to serious complications like heart attacks and strokes. This damage is caused by inflammation that the virus triggers.

So, when we think about the potential risks of exposing our children to COVID-19 without proper mitigations, we need to take this into account. While some children are less likely to become severely ill from the virus, they’re not immune to it, and the more times they are infected with it, the higher the chance of serious complications.

The bottom line is that making kids go to school when they’re not well isn’t smart, especially when COVID is still around. It can cause a lot more damage to their futures than studying at home or staying away when ill.

We should prioritise keeping children safe by testing, masking in crowded enclosed spaces, installing air filters, and finding ways to help them learn without risking their health. That’s what matters, especially now.

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Why prioritising children's health over attendance matters. Let's rethink education amidst COVID-19.

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