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Bullet journals are a popular organization system. Often, they’re notebooks or planners that have a dot grid. These grids make it easy to design beautiful pages that help you keep track of the various areas of your life. Here’s how three women improved their lives by using bullet journals…

Embrace Healthy Habits

Violet was a busy mum with three young kids. After taking her toddlers to the park, she realized she was having trouble keeping up with them. Determined to get fit, she committed to drinking water daily and becoming more active.

But she had trouble following through. Her days were chaotic and she struggled to get everything done. That’s when Violet’s friend suggested she try bullet journaling. “It’s a journal that can be anything—a day planner, a fitness tracker, a prayer journal, a reading log and so much more.”

Violet followed her friend’s advice and began using a bullet journal. She quickly found it made it easier for her to not only track her fitness goals but also to keep other areas of her life organized, too.

Prioritize What Matters

When Jamie went back to college, she had a lengthy list of homework assignments and exam dates. She tried to keep track of it all in her head but after she missed two important tests, she knew it was time to find a better solution.

That’s when she decided to give bullet journaling a try. She’d seen dozens of them on Pinterest but she’d never considered using one herself. She looked around until she found a notebook she liked and she got started.

By the end of the semester, she was in love with bullet journaling. It made it easy for her to keep up with her schedule both at college and work.

Change Your Life

Melissa had struggled with debt for years. Following a divorce and several large hospital bills left her feeling like she was struggling to get her head above water financially. She constantly juggled bills from various creditors.

But she wanted to be free from debt and save money toward her first home. So she decided to use her bullet journal to track her debt. Doing this gave Melissa a complete picture of how much money she owed to her creditors as well as income she needed to bring in every month.

After a year and a half, Melissa had successfully paid down every debt. Not only was she free from debt, but she also had a healthy emergency fund and she was well on her way to saving for a down payment on a home.

If you like the idea of trying a bullet journal, you can find plenty of them on social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Use these hashtags to see examples of bullet journals: #bujo #bulletjournaling #bujojunkies #bulletjournal.

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