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If you are looking forward to the spring break or just the weekends when the weather is getting warmer, you might be thinking about adapting your outdoor space to suit your kids’ needs better. There might be some playgrounds around, but most parents would rather keep an eye on their kids when they come home from school or during the weekends and school holidays, instead of taking risks. Below you will find a few ways you can make your kids want to spend more time in the garden.

Soft Surfaces

Just like in school and public playgrounds, you should focus on the safety of your children. This means that whenever you install a new outdoor toy, you will need to prevent them from injuring themselves. Make sure that you get a flexible rubber mat or pavement installed where your kids play, and avoid stones and slabs that can cause injuries. You might also want to check the condition of your pavements to ensure they don’t pose a trip hazard.


When the sun starts shining, kids will want to spend more time outside. They will set up a teddy bear or doll picnic on the lawn, and this can result in sunburn, as they lose track of the time. You can get a  parasol for them to play under, or get a canopy over your patio, so your kids have a safe and protected place to play.


Kids don’t usually feel the cold until it is too late. The bright sunshine might be giving them the wrong impression, and the wind can cause all sorts of colds that they will take ages to recover from. You might get a bamboo fence around the patio or decking, so you can protect them from the wind and let them play safely. Not to mention that this will prevent their drawings and books from flying around.  

Safe Outdoor Toys

In case you would like to keep your kids at home and safe, you might want to invest in outdoor toys they enjoy playing with during the school term. You can get professional nursery playground equipment installed, and they will stay happy for hours even days, even invite their friends over. If you are at home or working from your home office, you can keep an eye on them and keep them out of your hair.

How to Make Your Garden a Kids' Paradise This Spring

Privacy Fence

One of the things you will want to do when you encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors is to install a privacy fence. Some kids don’t like being observed by others while playing and get intimidated by people passing by, or neighbours. That is why you might want to add a privacy fence that lasts for a long time in the garden which also provides a shelter from the wind as well as a sense of safety.


Kids love playing with pets, and if you have dogs or cats you can create a playground or an exercise area for them. At the same time, you might also get a few rabbits or a ferret in  an outdoor cage or an outbuilding, so your kids can take responsibility for their pets and have endless fun caring for the animals outside.

Garden Room

In case your kids love privacy and would like to use your garden and their own space in all weather, you might consider getting a garden playroom for them or a play house. All you need is the foundation and a company can erect the building in just a few hours. Ensure that you have the insulation and natural light, get electricity in the room so your kids can charge their devices and listen to music, and even camp there overnight.


One of the biggest worries of parents is their kids running onto the street and getting hit. That is why you might want to get safety garden gates installed. While educating your children about leaving the garden is important, you cannot keep an eye on them every second. Having a gate that can be locked and your kids can not climb over will give you the peace of mind you need to carry on with your day without worrying all the time.

Turning your garden into a kids’ paradise is a good way of keeping your children safe during the holidays and the weekends and having the peace of mind that they are safe. Use these tips to make your outdoor area safer and more enjoyable for your children for many years to come.  

How to Make Your Garden a Kids' Paradise This Spring

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