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When you run your own business it can feel as though every day represents an uphill struggle for productivity. It can feel as though no matter how motivated you feel (or at least appear to feel) when you walk through the doors of your business premises, it can be an ordeal to get your workforce to share your motivation and enthusiasm. Because entrepreneurs are an introspective bunch, they may well blame themselves and assume that they should be doing more to motivate their workforce. But perhaps the issue isn’t you, or your employees or even the digital tools at their disposal. Maybe the enemy of productivity in your office… is your office itself.

Your office layout can have a surprising impact on not just productivity in your workplace but harmonious employee relations. Let’s take a look at some ways in which your workplace could be draining your productivity…

Can your employees talk face to face?

We have so many wonderful options when it comes to communicating with one another in the workplace from email to apps like Slack and Asana… But when it comes to harnessing productivity and harmonious relations there’s really no substitute for face-to-face communication. Ideally, your office should afford employees who work together with a clear line of sight. If arranging desks according to power outlet availability is an issue don’t forget you can take advantage of Burland floor socket outlets. A team looks and feels more like a team when they have the benefit of physical proximity.

Do they have access to natural light?

Let’s be honest, none of us is at our best after a day spent under harsh fluorescent lighting. If you want to get the best out of your employees it’s imperative that they have as much access to natural light as possible. Natural light is one of nature’s greatest mood boosters and absolutely integral in keeping you and your employees productive and upbeat no matter what the day throws at you. It’s largely hailed as the ultimate office perk.

On the other hand synthetic lighting, especially fluorescent lights, can sap energy levels and inhibit creativity and productivity.

Do they have privacy when they need it?

20 years ago or so you’d walk into any office and see partitions and cubicles wherever you looked. Today, however, this has largely become eschewed for an airier and more open-plan office design. While this can be great for harmonious working, employees should also have somewhere where they can go to work in privacy or make sensitive calls to clients.

Can they see something green?

Plants add more than just a dash of colour and cheer in the office. They are actually a powerful tool in keeping employees happy and motivated. They oxygenate the space and create a sense of calm that can offset the stress of a busy working day. Here are some of the best office plants for boosting productivity and employee satisfaction.

As you can see, it’s easy to underestimate the effect your office layout can have on your employee satisfaction and productivity.

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