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We are all aware that tooth decay is caused by a sugary diet,
although there are other aspects that can lead to tooth decay, and this article
looks at the potential consequences of leaving tooth decay untreated.

Tooth Decay_ What Happens If Not Treated_

Why is sugar such an important ingredient to the decaying of tooth

Simply put, sugar feeds the bacteria in the mouth, and they then
produce a form of acid that begins to eat away at the tooth enamel, which will
eventually lead to a cavity. If you notice a small hole in any of your teeth, contact
your local dentist and have them clean out the cavity and fill it, before you
lose the tooth.

Constant Exposure to Harmful Acids

If a person has poor oral hygiene practices, it doesn’t take long
for tooth enamel to become eroded, as these acids take away essential minerals,
and what started as a small white spot on the tooth, can quickly become a large
cavity. In some cases, the best treatment is to grind down the stump and fit a
crown, and if the decay is not treated, it will eventually lead to the loss of
the tooth. Children are particularly at risk from tooth decay, due to a diet
that is high in sugar content, and it is every parent’s duty to teach their
children effective oral hygiene practices and monitor to ensure that they are
being followed.

Other Causes of Tooth Decay

If a person does not brush and floss after every meal and before and after sleep, there will likely be a build-up of plaque, which is an agent to kickstart tooth decay. This could also lead to gum infections and can cause teeth to decay, and the longer you continue with poor oral hygiene, the more damage will be done to your teeth and gums. If you are unsure whether or not your oral hygiene practices are up to scratch, there are informative articles online on the topic.

Prevention Rather Than Cure

Ask any dentist in Sydney CBD and they will tell you that by having good oral hygiene practices in place, you are preventing tooth decay, rather than allowing it to happen and then having to have treatment. You should always ensure that your kids regularly brush and floss and make use of antiseptic mouthwash, which removes those tiny food particles that brushing and flossing might miss.

There are quite a few adults that wear dentures because they did
not adopt a good oral hygiene policy when they were young, which is a painful
reminder of the importance of proper oral hygiene.

The Importance of Regular Oral Examinations

It cannot be overstated how important it is to have regular dental
check-ups – around every 6 months is ideal – and should the dentist spot any
issues, he or she can carry out treatment before too much damage is caused.

Tooth decay can affect anyone at any age, so do make sure that you
see your dentist regularly.

Tooth Decay What Happens If Not Treated?
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