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Though towns and cities are starting to reopen, many people continue to stay home. After all, keeping physical contact with other people to a minimum is still the best way to protect yourself from the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying indoors, people go online for everything they need-from buying and shipping products to seeking entertainment.

People binge-watch shows and films on Netflix and random videos on YouTube. But another trend is starting to rise: people are revisiting favorite movies and TV shows and listening to old hits they like.

Why We Rewatch Shows and Listen to Old Favourite Hits This Pandemic

Turning to our favorites

Nielsen, along with Billboard and MRC Data, conducted a study that revealed this exciting trend during the pandemic. The study found that over half of consumers today seek comfort in familiar music and television shows. Eighty-seven per cent of the participants said they’ve been listening to music they already know they like, while 54 per cent reported they had recently re-watched an old favourite TV show.

But with tons of new Netflix titles and Spotify playlists available, why do we turn to our favourites? Isn’t it annoying to watch the same movies and TV series or listen to the same songs over and over again?

Seeking comfort beyond nostalgia

Clicking the same title on Netflix repeatedly or playing our curated playlist of top hits from 2010 helps up cling to nostalgia. It’s like opening a time capsule. You’ll likely remember how your friends cried after the finale of Friends or how you and your siblings used to dance to Britney Spears’ songs happily.

Memories that lived inside our favorite shows and music don’t only make us smile but also remind us of who we are, how things were, and what we’ve accomplished over the years. This clear sense of well-being somewhat helps us believe in ourselves-that we can rise above difficult situations like a pandemic.

Gaining a sense of control

In a world full of uncertainties, having a sense of control can be difficult. But our old favorites can help us attain that. Unlike our lives in a pandemic, we know exactly what’s going to happen in our favorite Harry Potter or Avengers movie. We know what will happen to the characters and how the story will end.

With familiar content, it’s easy to get a solid grasp on things, feel less anxious, and stay hopeful during tough times.

Giving our brains a break

It is challenging to watch a new series or listen to a new song because our brains use beta brainwaves to take new information. Repeats, on the other hand, are less demanding. Our minds can relax, making the entire experience enjoyable.

It is also an excellent method to de-stress or get distracted from triggers of anxiety. People on planes, for instance, often choose movies they’ve already seen. Living through a pandemic can be tough, but you can give your mental health a break with a familiar ’90s playlist or movie.

Being a creature of repetition when it comes to entertainment isn’t boring. If anything, it’s good for you. It can help you keep feeling secure, competent, and even happy and relaxed amidst today’s doom and gloom.

With tons of new Netflix titles and Spotify playlists available, why do we turn to our favourites these days? Is it because of the pandemic? Learn more here.

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