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Your employees are paramount to the success of your business ongoing. Employees who are healthy in body and mind produce creative work and contribute to great company culture. If you want to keep on driving success, promoting better employee health is essential. 

5 Simple Ways To Promote Better Employee Health

1 . Onsite health classes 

We all know that exercise is the fastest and most effective way to get healthy in body and mind both. Once those endorphins are pumping around, it’s not long before we start to feel great! The issue is, it can be hard to squeeze an exercise class into a lunch break if there’s too much travelling involved. If you want your employees to get healthier, offer fitness classes onsite. Yoga classes can be a great option to offer staff the chance to relax and unwind on their break. 

2. Offer healthy snacks 

To promote better employee health, why not offer free fruit at work? Getting those good nutrients throughout the day is vital to boost energy and brainpower. Our diets have a huge impact on our mood and productivity both, so if you want happy and healthy employees, free healthy snacks are the way to go! 

3. Problem-solve bad habits

Alcohol Change UK reports that the UK economy loses as much as £7billion every year due to an alcohol-related loss of productivity. Unfortunately, employees coming to work under the influence is more common than you think. It may often be accidental, due to a hangover where the effects haven’t completely worn off. Now some companies aren’t keen on alcohol and drug testing; viewing this as a little extreme. However, some industries such as healthcare or construction could largely benefit from such tests. Of course, alcohol abuse makes for less healthy and productive employees. Testing kits such as the Drager Distributor are a viable solution for businesses that are concerned about alcohol-related health and safety. 

 4. Mental health workshops 

Conditions such as anxiety and depression are increasingly common in our society. Across each industry, it’s not unusual for employees to be signed off work due to stress or burn out. Many individuals do not have adequate coping strategies to deal with mental health issues or struggle to discuss these problems. To promote better employee health, it can be a good idea to provide some in-house mental health workshops. Such sessions may be useful to help staff to gain info and prioritise their self-care during the working week.

5. Healthcare plans 

Offering healthcare plans for employees can be a great idea ongoing to prioritise the health of your company.  In addition, offer incentives for cycle to work schemes. Such schemes can promote a healthier lifestyle plus reduce the carbon footprint of your workforce too. Overall, health at work is largely linked to job satisfaction. With this in mind, ensure that you create a company culture where each employee feels valued. Check-in for individual meetings often and ask what you can offer to help your staff thrive in their roles.

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