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Often people question if it’s possible to make their garden more easy to manage, the simple answer is yes.

It’s simple to make your garden quick and simple to manage you just need to put a little time in, to begin with. You may find that you have one busy year of gardening which allows you to have many more that are easy maintaining and more time to enjoy the sun.

If you’re an avid gardener don’t worry though this doesn’t completely remove you from the garden there will still be some things to keep you busy. Have a look at some of these easy tips for making your garden better to manage:

Use Raised Beds and Plant Pots

It’s definitely much easier to gain control of your garden if it has definite boundaries and manageable smaller areas. Adding containers such as raised beds or pant pots provides you with the ultimate control.

You’re able to control the soil and are even able to limit the growth of the plants that you’re growing. Raised beds are useful for separating the garden beds from their surroundings and means that you don’t often have to perform tasks such as weeding.

You’ll not only have the benefit of controlling your borders but you’ll be saving yourself from bending, fantastic if you need this for health reasons too.

Think About Your Lawns

Having lawns in your garden can be one of the most time-consuming factors, especially if it’s considered to be a large area. You often can find yourself needing to treat, cut and trim lawns every few weeks at least, they are naturally going to try and spread so keeping them tame can be a problem.

Consider making your lawn area smaller or using synthetic lawns such as Synturf could cut your work in the garden down dramatically and it is 100% child and animal-friendly.

Synthetic lawns would mean having the advantages of a traditional lawn whilst never needing to trim them although you still need to perform tasks such as raking and removing debris.


You’ve probably heard this a thousand times but are probably still yet to try it and see the advantages for yourself. Or maybe you’re not even quite sure what it is.

Often seen as decoration Mulch also has other advantages such as keeping the soil cool, making your garden more attractive and holding in moisture which in turn means less watering and less maintenance.

It also has the brilliant feature of not allowing weed seeds to see the light of day and it feeds the soil. Perfect, you’ve added one thing and already chopped several tasks off of your list.

Use Low Maintenence Plants

This probably seems really simple however making sure you only plant things in your garden that require minimal maintaining means you are on to a winner with saving time.

Try doing some research into which plants maintain themselves or for plants that rebloom year after year so you don’t need to replant your flower boxes every year.

These are just a few ways that you can keep your garden maintained easily. If you have any other to share please add them to the comments section below.

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