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So you’ve decided to shed extra pounds. It was the best decision you’ve ever made. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with all the information on the web. Remember that the process is simple, but the challenge is to stick with it until the end. Exercising is a must, and it works brilliantly with a proper diet plan.

Exercising doesn’t have to be a task you need to get over with. Try to make workouts a part of your lifestyle, and you can maintain your figure. While surfing the web for a perfect workout routine and an elaborate diet plan, you might miss the basic stuff. If you want to develop a simple routine that goes perfectly with your lifestyle, you must allow yourself to learn.

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How Does Fat Leave the Body?

Does fat vanish when you exercise? Or does it get burned as energy? Neither of these is true. The reason is simple enough – the law of conservation of mass. It clearly states that atoms cannot disappear. Energy can only be converted, and atoms rearrange themselves, but they don’t vanish. Therefore, fat becomes something else.

When you inhale oxygen, your body converts that into energy. This leads to the production of carbon dioxide and water. When depriving yourself of food or diet, your body uses fat to compensate for the energy. In the same process, human growth hormone is produced. This hormone, when combined with oxygen, burns fat.

To break down 10 kilograms of fat, you must inhale 29 kilograms of oxygen. Oxygen itself doesn’t do the job but helps the human growth hormone do it.

When you exercise, you breathe heavily and take in more oxygen that burns fat. See, you can lose weight by breathing. Ironically, this doesn’t allow you to relax and breathe heavily so that you can burn fat. In this case, you’ll pass out due to hyperventilation.

Your body is designed in a particular way that requires you to move, so you naturally breathe heavily during strenuous activity. Thus, you should eat low-calorie food and move your body (preferably on an empty stomach), and you’ll lose weight in no time.

How to Lose Weight Fast

Now that you know how the body burns fat, you can apply the trick to your workout routine. The basic criteria remain the same. You have to create a calorie deficit, which means you should burn more than you eat. You can do it in two ways – either you work out more while eating moderate portions or go on with your routine while being on a diet.

The fundamentals are simple. However, some methods can help you continue your weight loss journey for a longer time. For instance, you should work out with a professional who has taken offline or online personal trainer courses. Personal trainers have fitness certificates and know what works well for each body type. Also, having a companion while you work out is a huge help, as they motivate you to do better.

Below are some more methods that guarantee faster weight loss:

1. Intermittent Fasting

Employing this method, you have to create a pattern of eating that requires fasting at regular intervals. This method is scientifically proven to help people lose weight without exercising. There are three ways to do this:

2. Consuming Protein at Breakfast

Eating protein for the first meal of the day helps you stay full for a longer time. It also releases hormones in the body that contribute to staying full. The effect of these hormones can last up to many hours.

3. Removing Sugar and Refined Carbohydrates From Your Diet

Sugar is in practically everything, mainly processed food. They have no nutrients and contribute to obesity and diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Food items that are rich in sugar and refined carbs are digested quickly. Then, they get converted into glucose, where they release insulin that promotes the storage of fat. Therefore, it’s better to avoid them and eat whole food as much as you can.

4. Getting Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep makes you fat. When you don’t sleep, your body slows your metabolism. Thus, the breaking down of calories slows down, and they are stored in the body as fat. If you’re trying to stay in shape, you should go to bed on time and get the beauty sleep you deserve.

Understanding how your body burns fat is essential when you’re trying to lose it. Lack of basic knowledge leads you to follow unnecessary processes that can harm your health. When one talks about losing weight quickly, it doesn’t mean you’ll lose a significant amount of fat in three weeks. It doesn’t work like that. You should be consistent with your efforts and try to enjoy the process. Then, you’ll see the results and be happy with them.

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Congratulations on beginning your weight loss journey! Your efforts will be worth it. Here are some tips to get you through the difficult stage effortlessly so that you can reach your fitness goals fast.

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