Product and service reviews.

  • Review: Venus Body Oil By Cuerpa

    Woman Caring For Her Skin

    Why I’m raving about Cuerpa’s Venus ultra-hydrating oil… If you want skin that glows, hydrating your skin must be your top priority. And if you love your skin as I do, you’ll be on the lookout for something that’ll keep the moisture locked in to make sure your skin stays hydrated. I was on the […]

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  • What’s the Best Women’s Deodorant for Odour?

    What’s the Best Women’s Deodorant for Odour?

    You’re probably here because you’re searching for what’s the best women’s deodorant for Odour in an effort to find something that actually works. The reason I’m writing this post is that my daughter started sweating quite a lot once she reached puberty. Because of the excess sweating, her clothing started to smell which meant having […]

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  • What Are The Benefits Of Having Amazon Prime?

    What Are The Benefits Of Having Amazon Prime?

    If you’re anything like me you may shop from Amazon a lot. I buy everything from Christmas and Birthday presents to toiletries, shoes, bags and products for my cat and dog. Why do I use Amazon? The answer is, not only does Amazon have everything, delivery is very fast and even quicker with Amazon Prime. […]

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  • Christmas Trees For Small Spaces

    Christmas Trees For Small Spaces

    Not all of us have space for a grand 7 ft or 8 ft tree in our houses. This Christmas I’m on the lookout for a new tree after my trusty tree from Pound Stretcher finally had to go. It has served us well and lasted quite a few years. Our lounge is an awkward size […]

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  • Tesco Delivery Saver Savings

    Tesco Delivery Saver Savings

    As I’ve discussed before in a previous post, Tesco Delivery saver* is definitely worth subscribing to. I’ve just received an update showing what I have saved so far this year and the amount is £106.06 which I think is pretty good. I have any day delivery on a six-month contract, priced at £6.99 per month. […]

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